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Laurie earned a Master's Degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation.  She has over 30 years experience in the Health and Fitness field and is a former Flight Attendant.  Laurie has traveled the world and is eager to pass on what she has learned relating to travel packing and travel training.  She is also a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor.  Laurie is a published writer and writes a "Travel Fit" column for 'The Independent.' She has written numerous articles and blogs on health and fitness.  Laurie is  the co-pilot of the family Diamond aircraft and loves the freedom of flying.

Mike earned dual Bachelor degrees in History and Political Science.  His fascination with past and present world events fuels his desire to explore our amazing planet.  He was raised in a military family and learned the art of packing light as a child.  Mike has lived and worked abroad and views countries and cultures with an in- depth understanding based on a historical perspective.  He is anxious to continue learning as much as he is able.  Mike earned a private pilot's license and he is the captain of the family Cessna aircraft.   


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